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The Blueprint for Fool-proof Pizza

Get the know how on creating authentic, restaurant quality pizza with tricks of the trade. No pizza oven or stone required.


Many factors come into play when creating the BEST pizza. Many people assume you need a fancy brick oven pizza with wood, others assume the only way to make pizza is with a stone.

A new trend has evolved. Pizza in a cast iron Dutch pot. The cast iron pot acts as a pizza stone. Does it make the best pizza? No! It makes an OK pizza, but you will never get that authentic restaurant quality with a cast iron pot because cast iron pots are poor conductors of heat.

Cast iron pots are great at retaining heat, but conducting heat ...forget it! It takes way toooo long to heat up. These pots are extremely heavy. Who wants to cook a 12" pizza in a 8lb pot. Which I remind you is piping hot! I see danger in your near future.

Using the appropriate, professional bakeware is crucial to making authentic pizza. Having the correct ingredients in pizza dough will also produce different pizza variations. A simple switch in flours can make your pizza go from the average Joe to a high quality pizzaiolo.

Proper execution is needed as well; because what's the point of buying fancy ingredients and bakeware if you have no idea how to knead and roll the dough.










Chapter 1

Use the right pan! Professional pizzaware for professional results

Professional pizzaware is the only way to go. You want to bake a pizza that taste like you took a bite out of a pizza from a pizzeria, then buy the pan that the pizzeria uses. Did you know not every pizzeria has a pizza oven? How do you achieve a crispy pizza crust, that's incredibly delicious and authentic?


Pizza Pan Musts:

  1. Pure food grade aluminum construction.

  2. Must distribute heat evenly.

  3. Must conduct heat.

  4. Must reach up to 600F

  5. Durable, built to last multiple uses

  6. Easy storage

  7. Easy to clean & maintain

  8. No coatings or safe, non harmful coatings

A pizza pan must have ALL the characteristics above regardless of what type of pizza you are creating. A pizza pan must be able to conduct heat and hold high temperatures to cook in. Making sure your pan goes above 500f is crucial.

Most pizza recipes requires the dough to be cooked between 400F to 500F. Pizza is cooked at high temperatures because it is a fermented, yeast product. For a proper crust, crispy and airy texture to form, the magical temperature is between 400F to 500F. Your pan must be durable and safe to use.

You want to make pizza over and over again without the worry of the metal warping or harmful coatings coming off into your food.

Let me introduce you to Crown Cookware Pizzaware...

Crown Cookware has four categories of pizza pans in various designs.

1. Traditional Crown Cookware solid pizza pans 2. Traditional Crown Cookware “Perfection” perforated pizza pans, 3. Deep Dish Crown Cookware solid pizza pans with a wall of one to two inches deep 4. Black Crown Cookware Pizza Genius Pans, Like no other pan, was developed in the 90s.

The Traditional Crown Cookware solid pizza pan, offers a gentler bake when rolling out the pre-proofed dough, decorating, and placing directly in the oven. You may pan your dough, cover it with some plastic wrap, and proof it for an hour or so before decorating/baking as the solid bottom will prevent dough from drying out. Bake for 15 to 30 min at 375 to 450 degrees, or on the BBQ lid down.

The Traditional Crown Cookware “Perfection” perforated pan is perfect when rolling out the pre-proofed dough, decorating, and placing in the oven. Crown Cookware invented this pan in the late 80s for this purpose. You can achieve a toasted crispy-crunchy crust in 15 to 30 min at 375 to 450 degrees, or BBQ.

The Deep Dish Crown Cookware solid pizza pans will work the same as the solid traditional pan above, with the benefit of more proofing time available due to the depth. About 2 to 4 hours of gentle proofing till the dough rises to the top. Bake for 10 to 20 min at 375 to 450 degrees, or BBQ.

The Black Crown Cookware Pizza Genius Pans uses a whole different realm of science and technology to bake your pizza. You get all the benefits of a deep-dish pan. The benefit of a solid bottom to proof the dough with a commercial quality black release coating that heats the bottom faster so you get a deep dish pan finished crust, or a stone-baked crust when you use cornmeal on the bottom of your pan. Bake for 15 to 30 min at 375 to 450 degrees, or BBQ.

The amount of time to bake your pizza relies on different variables. Having more ingredients results in more moisture, thus, more time is needed to cook. Using a lower temperature for a longer period of time allows the moisture to vaporize and results in a better rise of the crust, as well as blending of flavors since the additional time allows flavors to fuse together. A basic pepperoni pizza will bake at 425 in 10 to 15 min or possibly less on a “Pizza Genius” pan.

Follow Crown Cookware's blog for more information on creating authentic, pizzeria style pizza. Follow the series of "Bluetooth for fool-proof pizza". Baker Mary will explain the importance of ingredients, mixing and proofing in each chapter. Learn the basics and create delicious pizzas for life.

Follow Crown Cookware's blog for more tips of the trade with simple, delicious recipes!

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