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Italy's Sweet Bite - Amaretti

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Amaretti is Italy's finest treat served with espresso. Amaretti dates back to the 17th century, the Renaissance period.

A former pastry chef named Francesco Moriondo was the first man to create the Italian delicacy. The name "amaretti" derives from the word amaro which is a type of bitter/liquor. Amaro gets its sharp bitter flavor from the almonds or the apricot kernel. Amaretti's primary ingredient is almonds, hence why this macaroon cookie is called amaretti.


What is "amaretti" ?

Amaretti is a soft and chewy almond macaroon. It is made with primarily ground almonds, egg whites and sugar.

Over the years pastry chefs have recreated the famous macaroon cookie into different variations. People would make the famous cookie with cocoa for a chocolate fudge version.

Some bakeries even added flour to the recipe to stretch out the volume to lower their food cost. Home bakers would experiment with different mixing methods and notice their cookie's final results would alter.

Minimal ingredients transformed into multiple results. Folding ground almonds into whipped egg whites create light and airy texture. Mixing and kneading egg whites with ground almonds create a nougat consistency in the cookie. Increasing granulated sugar and egg whites in a traditional amaretti recipe creates a crunchy exterior and hollow interior. "Does French macaron ring a bell?"

"I remember my mother would make amaretti before a huge occasion. She would wake up at six in the morning, and make a couple of batches of amaretti. If it was for a bridal shower she would color her amaretti with pink food coloring. Sometimes she would roll each amaretti in flaked almonds. The smell of the fresh almonds woke me up out of bed. I would steal the cookie right out of the oven. Temptation at it's finest."


Baker Mary bakes her amaretti on two

Crown Cookware Cookie Magic Sheets

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  • Crown Cookware manufactures their products with pure food-grade aluminum. BONUS: They are a Canadian manufacturer!

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  • Ground almonds 280g to 325g {2.5Cups -3Cups} (*Look at note*)

  • Granulated sugar 250g {1 Cup}

  • Egg whites 90g or 3 large egg whites

  • Almond extract or almond bitter/Amaro {1 Tbsp)

  • Icing Sugar 50g {1/2 Cup}


  1. Preheat oven to 345F

  2. Line two Crown Cookware Cookie Magic Sheets with parchment paper.

  3. Whip egg whites to stiff peak.

  4. As egg whites whip, gradually add granulated sugar slowly in intervals.

  5. Whip egg whites until stiff and glossy.

  6. Add the extract to the egg mixture.

  7. Gently fold the meringue (egg white & sugar) into the ground almonds gently, until fully combined. (*If mixture is too runny, add more ground almonds. The macaroon mixture should be stiff enough to scoop mounds. *)

  8. Scoop or pipe cookie dough into 1/2oz on a Crown Cookware Cookie Sheet.

  9. Make sure each cookie is 1inch apart.

  10. Sift icing sugar on top of each cookie.

  11. Bake at 345F for 12minutes or until golden brown.

Delicious and authentic amaretti guaranteed to take your taste buds to Italy. One bite into the macaron you notice the crunchy exterior and chewy center. The almond flavored is bitter sweet. A great dunker for your espresso.

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