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Should I grease my angel food cake pan before I make my cake?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Let's ask Baker Mary!

Good Question! It is not a simple yes or no. Let me explain…

Different cake batters are made from different ingredients and different ratios. This creates different reactions in the oven. For some cake batters you should always grease your pan and others NEVER! The two types of cake batters are called: foam cakes and butter cakes.

The type of cake batters you should never grease your angel food cake pans are: Angel food cake, chiffon cakes and sponge cakes.

But why Baker Mary?

These types of cakes are called “Foam Cakes”. Foam cakes are made from minimal fat content and contain minimal chemical leaveners. These batters rely on a large sugar and egg ratio. The eggs in these cakes are whipped and beaten until it’s tripled in volume; which delivers that wonderful airiness in cakes.

For example: Angel food cakes are made from whipped egg whites, flour, and sugar. That’s it! Now what does this have to do with the greasing the pan?

Foam cakes need to bake in the oven evenly, and slowly. Foam cake batters solely rely on the air from the eggs. These batters are more delicate. As the cake rises in the oven it needs reassurance. The batter needs to grip on the sides of the pan. In order for the cake batter to grip on the sides of the pan, the angel cake pan must have no artificial coating built in and no greasing what so ever. If the pan has any grease or coating, the batter will slide down the pan and never rise during the baking process.


Just think about rock climbing between two walls. If the walls are greasy, how will you ever grip to the wall and continue to climb up to your destination point?

Baker Mary what about butter cake batters? Should I grease my pan?

Now that's an easy answer! Always grease your cake pans for butter cake batters! If you want more information on how to grease your pan properly for butter cake batters check out Baker Mary's next blog post.

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