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Pizza Pans FAQ

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Thank you for purchasing our pizza pans.

By following these simple steps, all your pizza worries will melt away!

Q1. Why does my pizza stick to the pan?

  1. Please grease your pan with vegetable oil or shortening prior to placing dough on the pan.

  2. Roll pizza dough on the counter before placing it on the pizza pan. 

  3. Make sure grated cheese is placed on the dough, and NOT the pan. 

Q2. Why did my pizza pan warp?

Even though the pan can withstand temperatures up to 650F, the pizza must be in the pan prior to baking. A pizza pan without food in it may cause warping. 

Once the pizza is fully cooked and removed, let the pan cool completely before washing. Washing a hot pizza pan in water may warp it.

Q3. The dough went through the holes! What should I do? 

Please roll out the pizza dough with flour on your counter and then transfer the rolled-out dough onto a greased pizza pan. Never roll your pizza dough on a perforated pizza pan.

Pizza dough with high moisture content and thicker crusts should be cooked on a Solid Crown Cookware Pizza Pan. Softer pizza doughs with a high oil and water content have limited proofing time on perforated pizza pans. Thin crust pizzas are perfect for perforated pans.

Q4. How can I easily clean my pizza pans?

Always wash the pizza pans with mild soap and water. Dishwashers will discolour your pizza pans. Harsh chemicals are not meant to wash metals.

Once the pizza pan is cold, soak it in warm water for 20 minutes. The pizza residue will come off in a breeze. 

Q5. Why did my pizza not cook through?

Pizza should be cooked between the temperatures 375F to 550F, to your preference.

A pro-tip for making thin crust pizza is to place cheese on the dough halfway through baking to get a gooey topping and crispy crust.

A cooked pizza should have a dark and golden-brown crust underneath. The bake usually takes 10-15 minutes.

The toppings  on a pizza with a high moisture content should be cooked before placing it on raw pizza dough. Raw vegetables tend to add more moisture to pizza, causing an increase in baking time.

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