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FAQ - Pizza Pans

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Q1. How should I season my pan?

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Apply a thin coat of vegetable shortening or lard to the inside and outside of the pan.

  3. Place a lined baking sheet on the bottom rack of your oven.

  4. Put the pan on the middle rack of the oven.

  5. Bake your pan for 15-20 minutes.

  6. Remove the pans from the oven, wipe them dry with a clean cloth, and let them cool completely.

Q2. Before I use my pans, I found some black dirt in the bottom of the pan. I washed so many times and still it hasn’t disappeared?

These black streaks occur when the cake pan is spun during the manufacturing process. It is a natural occurrence in the material. We are proud to use 100% pure organic aluminum without any additives. This discolouration can be removed with vinegar or lemon juice, the discolouration does not impact the performance of the pans.

Q3.Are these pans anodized? 

We do not anodize our products. It is pure natural aluminum without any additives.

Q4. Is the pizza pan non-stick, does the pizza slide off the pan?

No, it is not a non-stick item. We do not add any artificial coatings to our products. We would advise greasing the pan with a splash of oil.

Q5. Is there a maximum temperature for the pizza pans?

The pizza pan set is safe to use up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit as long as the pizza is on the prior to baking.

Q6. Can you use metal pizza cutter on this?

We don't recommend ever to use a pizza cutter on a pizza pan. We would always advise cutting only on a chopping board.
The cutter will cause deep scratches.

Q7. Can you use this in a wood fired pizza oven?

We do not recommend using the pans in a wood-fired oven, as they have been manufactured and tested with oven cooking in mind.

Q8. Is this item good to use on the barbeque?

Yes, you can BBQ with your Crown Cookware "Perfection Pizza Pan"! Please be aware that though the aluminum pan is perfect for transferring heat where there are no holes, the pan will soften up and pick up the black seasoning common with Barbequing. So we suggest dedicating a Crown Cookware "Perfection Pizza Pan" to your BBQ needs.

Q9. Are the 12" perforated pizza pans total outside diameter or cooking surface diameter?

The pans measure 12" outside diameter. There is roughly 0.75" margin from the outside diameter to the perforation of the pans.

Q10. What is the aluminum gauge for 16" pizza pan with holes?

The Aluminum for 16 Inch Pizza Pan With Holes is 18 gauge.

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