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FAQ - Cookware

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Q1. Can I use baking sheets [with rack] on a BBQ?

Although yes, it can be used on a BBQ, it is not recommended as it would cause discoloration to the pan.

Q2.Where are these baking sheets manufactured?

They are made in China under the direct supervision and quality control done by Crown Cookware. We do not manufacture stainless steel products in our factory as these baking sheets are a combination of aluminum and stainless steel.

Q3. Can I use these baking sheets on a gas stove top?

They would not be for use on a gas stovetop. These baking trays are recommended for oven/toaster oven use only. As any accidental contact with the element on the stovetop would melt right through the metal.

Q4.Will these baking sheets warp at high heat temperatures?

The baking sheets comfortably withstand temperatures up to 700 Farenheight (370 Celcius) without any warping or loss of structural integrity.

Q5. What is the aluminum gauge used for these baking sheets?

The two smallest pans 6" x 10" and 9" x 13" are made of 20 gauge material. The larger half sheet pan, size 13" x 18", is 19 gauge. As you're aware, the lower the gauge, the more heavy-duty pan.

Q6. Are these pans non-stick?

Our pans are made of natural, pure virgin non-toxic Aluminum and do not have any artificial coatings. We recommend greasing the sides and using parchment.

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