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FAQ - Cake Pans

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Q1. My pan has a scratch, what am I supposed to do?

Our cake pans are pure food grade aluminum, we do not add any artificial coating or treat our products with sulfuric acid (anodizing). Because of this any imperfections in the metal we receive are evident in the final product. Unlike our competitors, who cannot hide these marks under nonstick coatings or can be chemically burned off through anodizing.

Q2. Bought 2 pans and mistakenly threw them in the dishwasher – discoloured now, but is it still safe to use?

This is the aluminum hardening on the surface, the colour can effectively alter or change depending on the hardness of the water, and other factors. This is a natural process known as seasoning. This discolouration can be removed with vinegar or lemon juice, the discolouration does not impact the performance of the pans.

Q3. Before I use my pans, I found some black dirt in the bottom of the pan. I washed so many times and still it hasn’t disappeared?

These black streaks occur when the cake pan is spun during the manufacturing process. It is a natural occurrence in the material. We are proud to use 100% pure organic aluminum without any additives. This discolouration can be removed with vinegar or lemon juice, the discolouration does not impact the performance of the pans.

Q4. Are these pans anodized?

We do not anodize our products. It is pure natural aluminum without any additives.

Q5. What temperature these cake pans can withstand?

The optimum baking temperature is about 475° F.

Q6. Do these pans easily release the cake or need to heavily butter them up?

We recommend a piece of parchment in the bottom and greased the sides well with cooking spray or a butter & flour mixture.

Q7. Does you pans have a removable bottom?

No, our regular cake pans do not have a removable bottom. The cake pans are solid one piece. We also carry cheesecake pans with removable bottoms.

Q8. Do you have cake pan sets?

Yes, we do. Currently we sell cake pan sets in 2 pack, 4 pack, and 5 pack. We carry a 4 piece cake pan set in sizes 6", 8", 10", 12" that are available in two heights of 2 and 3 inch. We also offer cake pans sets in 2 pack, and 4 packs that range from 4" to 10" in both 2" depth and 3". We have new launched our 1" layer cake pan sets that are available in 4 pack and 5, that are available in 6", 8", 10" and 12". You can see the full selection on the following pages on Amazon Canada and Amazon US

Q9. Are the sides of your cake pans straight or tapered?

All our round cake pans have straight sides except for our 1" layer cake pans. Our 1" Layer Cake Pans are tapered slightly.

Q10. Are these pans non-stick?

Our pans are made of natural, pure virgin non-toxic Aluminum and do not have any artificial coatings. We recommend greasing the sides and using parchment.

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